Hazelwood Review

 An Evening with Julie Felix at Hazelwood House

6th June 2015


Julie with Anabel

Julie with Anabel – click for a larger version

Julie has been performing at Hazelwood House for over 20 years. After so many wonderful experiences with her it is hard to find new adjectives of praise – her performance deepens, expands and becomes ever more moving and delightful.


On this last evening I witnessed the audience move from tears to laughter from deep listening to joyful singing.


Julie has such a great talent to engage everyone in the room regardless of age or musical preferences it is a joy to behold and even more of a joy to take part. It makes no difference if Julie is singing to 50 or 5,000 her connection with each person is remarkable – you feel as if she is singing just for you.


The program had a wide range of mood and style. Subjects of protest moved into sad songs of love and leaving; then the room became filled with the jubilant singing of Miss Martin – a well known favourite which never seems to pall.


Julie makes no secret of being seventy-seven this year and is a wonderful encouragement to any one thinking they are approaching “old age”; her voice is still so beautiful, and along with her glorious looks and high kicks she defies the meaning of such a term.


We have already booked Julie for next summer at Hazelwood and I am sure people will be hurrying back for another wondrous evening with this sparkle of life called Julie Felix. Don’t miss seeing her!


Anabel Farnell-Watson