International Fan Club

This club is for people who are interested in Julie’s career and want information about her concert tours and other activities. In addition, it provides an appropriate channel or you to communicate with, and support, Julie.

LIFE MEMBERSHIP costs just £20 plus £5 annual renewal fee.

Members receive:

  • An exclusive special edition t-shirt from Julie¹s 1998 sixtieth birthday concert at the Queen Elizabeth Hall (S, M, L, or XL)
  • A signed photograph of Julie
  • A copy of the 7″ vinyl single The Witch Song/The Sky & The Sea which is exclusive to members
  • A comprehensive biography
  • A comprehensive discography
  • A copy of Julie’s current tour guide and subsequent editions
  • A copy of the current newsletter and subsequent editions
  • Photocopies of news clippings from Julie’s scrapbook
  • Details of members-only offers, e.g. the annual members’ concert, deleted albums for sale, etc
  • A 10% discount on all merchandise order

To join, send a cheque (payable to Trevor Tapscott) to:
Trevor Tapscott
Falsam House
Worcester Road
Droitwich Spa
Worcestershire  WR9 8AX

You can also contact Trevor here.