Audio & Video


Over the Sea (On Wings of Waste)

Video for Julie’s Over The Sea (On Wings Of Waste) track. Taken from her 2018 album Rock Me Goddess!


Live Jam on BBC Radio Devon

Julie performs “Peace is a River” along with fellow BBC Radio Devon studio guest musicians Jenna Witts, Emily Howard, Lukas Drinkwater and Sculpture Music, Matthew Calder and John Shaw.


The Lady With The Braid

The Needle Of Death

Belgian TV 1966

Clotho’s Web

Fire Water Earth Air

I’m Learning From You (Sea And The Sky)



BBC Three Counties Radio Interview, June 2013 (26.4Mb)

 The Irish Farewell (6.4Mb)

From the QEH Birthday Concert Album (Trad./Arr. Julie Felix)

 Doris Katheryn Rodehaver (4.1Mb)

(Song for My Mother) From Fire – My Spirit (Julie Felix)

 El Condor Pasa (If I Could) (3.3Mb)

From the QEH Birthday Concert Album (Rubles/Milchberg/Simon)