Julie’s Spiritual Biography

When Julie was about 7, she saw a movie with Loretta Young and wanted to be a nun. Now, at 75, she thinks of this and smiles. She also saw a movie called “Ann of the Indies” and thought about being a sword fighter.

Julie - photo by Danny CliffordJulie was a devout Catholic until her late teens, when she started asking questions and decided to leave the church. After graduating from the University of California at Santa Barbara, she left for Europe and didn’t follow any faith except for her belief in adventure and the human spirit. She was fascinated by astrology, and always believed in magic.

After hitchhiking through Europe with the guitar her father had given her, Julie came England where she became part of the Love and Peace movement of the 60s.

In 1965 she visited Lebanon, Jordan and East Africa as an ambassador for Christian Aid and in 1966 Julie was invited to sing at Westminster Cathedral for its 90th anniversary, the first popular singer to perform here.

Throughout the 60s and 70s Julie’s career flourished, and her music reflects not only her protest songs, but also her love affair with nature. In the 80s she had a bit of what she calls “an identity crisis”. She moved back to California for a couple of years, put her daughter in a Rudolf Steiner school, and explored the “Aquarian arts”.

After participating in a peace march in Central America, Julie returned to England, where she became involved in Earth Mysteries and became a resident troubadour on trips to sacred sites, and in 1993 led her first Goddess Tour, visiting England, Wales and Cornwall. She also co-hosted Goddess tours to France, Turkey and the American South West.

Julie onstage at the Goddess ConferenceIt was through tuning into the sacredness of the land, and discovering the stories and myths of ancient cultures, that Julie became a follower of the Goddess. “The Goddess allows me to be both political and spiritual … (philosophically and musically). I feel we need to welcome the divine feminine into our lives and into our hearts … Patriarchy has led to wars, killing, and the rape of mother earth. Both men and women need to feel the love of the feminine side of God.”

Julie sings every year at The Goddess Conference in Glastonbury, which was started seventeen years ago and is now an annual event. Attended by women and some men from all over the globe, it celebrates the mysteries of the Great Mother. Kathy Jones, Priestess of Avalon, is the originator of the Conference and the Glastonbury Goddess Temple, and she and several other Priestesses were  at Julie’s Birthday Concert on 15th June 2013 to conduct a ceremony honouring Julie as a daughter of the Goddess.