Biographical Notes

Humanitarian Singer Songwriter Environmentalist

Julie Felix

“A Legend”

In 1964 Julie arrived in England after leaving California and hitchhiking through Europe with the guitar her father (a Mexican Mariachi musician) had given her.

It didn’t take long before Julie took the seat as the resident singer on the amazingly popular TV Show ‘The Frost Report’, and quickly became a household name in the UK.

Only four years after stepping on our shore, Julie is given her own TV series of 17 shows, Once More with Felix, the first colour series produced by the BBC that sold to virtually every country in the world.  Guests included Spike Milligan, Richard Harris, Leonard Cohen, Dusty Springfield, Donovan, Jimmy Page and many more…

Throughout the 60s and 70s Julie’s career flourished, and her music reflected her heartfelt beliefs and her love affair with nature.

In the 1980s she moved back to California and took a break from the music world.  An experience on a peace march in Central America in the late 80s inspired Julie to pick up her guitar and start singing again.

Two decades later of non-stop activity, in October 2013 Julie was invited to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Camilla.

In April 2019 Julie appeared on BBC Radio 2’s The Folk Show with Mark Radcliffe. After the show Mark posted this on Twitter: “A total honour to meet the legend that is Julie Felix – still performing, campaigning and creating at the age of 80. Inspirational.”

It doesnt end there, though, and two months later Julie was playing on the Acoustic Stage at Glastonbury; 30 years or so since performing on the Theatre Stage there for the first time.

About this experience Julie said:

“Performing at the Glastonbury Festival this year was amazing! I was really nervous, but everyone at the Acoustic Stage was so kind and supportive. The huge crowd was wonderful and it was a thrill when they all sang “Peace is a River” with me. Michael Eavis was on stage right after me and after his talk I had a lovely chat with him and gave him a copy of my “Rock Me Goddess” CD. I took my granddaughter to the festival for her 16th birthday. She had the time of her life and introduced me to the music of Stormzy and Billie Eilish. I’m so grateful to Paul Charles for booking me on the Acoustic Stage. The whole weekend was an extraordinary experience and I was so happy to be a part of it all!!!”

On the final day of the festival, Julie was one of the guests on BBC Radio 6’s Mark Radcliffe Live from Glastonbury. Mark had a chat with Julie and played “La Elva Leva”, a song from Julie’s latest album, “Rock Me Goddess”.

What began for little Julie as simple home entertainment, as her father and his friends played Mariachi music into the small hours of the morning, has actually been this remarkable woman’s vocation for half a century……and fortunately for us… still is!

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