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Weekend Gig Appreciated!

Weekend Gig

Weekend Gig

Steve Simpson attended my weekend gig:

“It was a real pleasure to meet you and to hear you play – I loved that you played Early Morning Rain for me, and since you sent it me I haven’t stopped humming Woman. It was a really intimate, peaceful concert and you, if you don’t mind, are as beautiful as always.”


A Big Thank You

A few kind words from Peter Wise who attended my recent concert at the Brook Inn in Plymouth! Thank you Peter!

“Just to say a big thank you to Julie for the evening. For a couple of hours, 50 years slipped away and I was listening to her songs at home, my future before me. It was great to hear a group of people of my generation singing along with her and thoroughly enjoying the experience.
Thank you again and keep it up.”


Birthday Gift

Birthday gift



Look what I got for my 88th birthday. Thank you, Julie, for the greeting!

Keith Ackrill

On the road…

Julie lined up with the St Andrews Carpet crew whilst out and about on the road!
On the road

Rock Me Goddess

Rock Me Goddess



Available Now! Julie’s first studio album for 10 years: “Rock Me Goddess” – click on the name for song titles or on the album cover to buy!